Maddox Ritch Age Wiki
10 Years
Full Name Maddox Ritch
Birthday Aug 14, 2012
Age 10 Years
Profession Student
Nationality American
Height 4 feet

About Maddox Ritch

A body has been found in the hunt for a six-year-old boy, Maddox Ritch with autism, who went missing while on a walk in North Carolina. He was found a creek about 1 mile east of Rankin Lake Park. Maddox's parents have been informed, the post, shared on Facebook, added. The medical examiner would formally

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When was Maddox Ritch born?

Maddox Ritch was born on Aug 14, 2012.

How old is Maddox Ritch?

Maddox Ritch is 10 years old.

What is the birth name of Maddox Ritch?

Maddox Ritch birth name is Maddox Scott Ritch.

Who is the father of Maddox Ritch?

The father of Maddox Ritch is Ian Ritch.

Who is the mother of Maddox Ritch?

The mother of Maddox Ritch is Carrie Ritch.

What is the color of Maddox Ritch's eye?

Maddox Ritch eye color is Blue.

What is the color of Maddox Ritch's hair?

Maddox Ritch hair color is Blonde.

What is the net worth of Maddox Ritch?

The net worth of Maddox Ritch is Not Known.