Lynne Patton Age Wiki
48 Years
Full Name Lynne Patton
Birthday Jan 1, 1970
Age 48 Years
Profession Politician
Nationality American

About Lynne Patton

Lynne Martine Patton, professionally known by the name Lynne Patton is an American citizen who was designated by President Donald Trump to head Region II of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in June 2017 which oversees New York and New Jersey. Earlier, she worked as an event planner for the Trump

People Also Asked For

When was Lynne Patton born?

Lynne Patton was born on Jan 1, 1970.

How old is Lynne Patton?

Lynne Patton is 48 years old.

What is the birth name of Lynne Patton?

Lynne Patton birth name is Lynne Martine Patton.

Where was Lynne Patton born?

Lynne Patton was born in Alabama, USA.

Who is the father of Lynne Patton?

The father of Lynne Patton is Curtis L. Patton.