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Lisa Bonet

54 Years
Full Name
Lisa Bonet
Nov 16, 1967
5 feet 2 inches

About Actress Lisa Bonet Biography

One of the professional well-known American actress is named for Lisa Bonet who rose to fame after landing her iconic character Denise Huxtable on the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show. She is also famous for her finest performance in the movie Enemy of the State. Some of her other notable works include Drunk History, The Red Road, and New Girl. Overall, Lisa Bonet is a very talented actress. Recently, Jason Momoa gives Jacket to Lisa Bonet at Golden Globes 2020. Jason arrived at the awards ceremony, on the arm of wife Lisa Bonet, wearing a velvet tuxedo jacket, which was surely Twitter-bait enough. But shortly after actor Brian Cox took to the stage, the Globes camera caught sight of Momoa with his hair up, sans jacket, sporting a sleeveless black tank top. And Twitter users just about lost their minds.

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Lisa Bonet was born on Nov 16, 1967.
Lisa Bonet is 54 years old.
Lisa Bonet birth name is Lisa Michelle Bonet.
Lisa Bonet was born in San Francisco, California.
The net worth of Lisa Bonet is $ 16 Million.

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