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Kristen Stewart

32 Years
Full Name
Kristen Stewart
Apr 9, 1990
5ft 5 inches(1.65m)

About Actress, Model Kristen Stewart Biography

Kristen Jaymes Stewart famed as Kristen Stewart is an American actress. Moreover, she is also a model and a director. She is well-known for her role in the series "Twilight series". She is the first actress of the United States to win the Cesar Award. Her films have grossed over $4.3 billion worldwide, and she was the highest-paid actress in the world in 2010 and 2012. Overall, she is a very talented actress. Last time Kristen Stewart hosted “Saturday Night Live” which was also her first time hosting where she dropped an F-bomb and provided the world with the greatest Totino’s Pizza Rolls commercial ever. Not specifically the fact that Stewart and “SNL” don’t just repeat what made her hosting debut work but the fact that “SNL” doesn’t give Stewart anything all that memorable to work with. First of all, the most disappointing thing about this episode, heading into it, is that it didn’t make Kristen Stewart pull hosting-musical guest double duty. Kate McKinnon, especially, remains on autopilot, both on the Elizabeth Warren and Kellyanne Conway front and recurring characters like the Smokery Farms sisters with Aidy Bryant.

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Kristen Stewart was born on Apr 9, 1990.
Kristen Stewart is 32 years old.
Kristen Stewart birth name is Kristen Jaymes Stewart.
Kristen Stewart was born in Los Angels, California.
The net worth of Kristen Stewart is $70 million USD.

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