Kristen Hancher Age Wiki
23 Years
Full Name Kristen Hancher
Birthday May 17, 1999
Age 23 Years
Profession Social Media Influencer
Nationality Canadian
Height 5ft. 6inch(1.68m)

About Kristen Hancher

Kristen Hancher is a popular social media star and an influencer who is active on Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok with millions of followers. Hancher has a self-titled YouTube channel where she uploads several videos: makeup tutorials, dare videos and comedy sketches. She is also an avid dancer, an artist, art lover, and a fitness enthusiast. Trending

People Also Asked For

When was Kristen Hancher born?

Kristen Hancher was born on May 17, 1999.

How old is Kristen Hancher?

Kristen Hancher is 23 years old.

What is the birth name of Kristen Hancher?

Kristen Hancher birth name is Kristen Hancher.

Where was Kristen Hancher born?

Kristen Hancher was born in Ontario.

What is the color of Kristen Hancher's eye?

Kristen Hancher eye color is Brown.