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Kevin McHale

34 Years
Full Name
Kevin McHale
Jun 14, 1988
5 ft 8 in

About Actor Kevin McHale Biography

An American actor and singer is named for Kevin Michael McHale, shortly Kevin McHale. Moreover, he is also a dancer and radio personality. He is well-known for his role as Artie Abrams in the Fox comedy-drama series Glee. He is also famous as the former band member of the band, NLT. He hosted the British panel show Virtually Famous on E4 from the year 2014 to the year 2016. At present, he is one of the four hosts of Sick of My Own Voice on Dash Radio. Vinnie Jones forms a special bond with Kevin McHale on X-Factor. Actor Kevin McHale says he bonded so well with Vinnie Jones on The X Factor: Celebrity the footie hard man is now like family. And Glee star Kevin, 31, praised “national treasure” Vinnie, 54, for offering to step down to let him go through on Saturday’s show. Kevin said: “He’s a good dude. I think he showed that. “Vinnie is terrifying but he’s also the sweetest guy. Earlier in the day, he was asking about my boyfriend and whether we wanted kids-he’s the loveliest dude. “He’s like a pitbull where people are intimidated by the size, but he’s really sweet.”

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Kevin McHale was born on Jun 14, 1988.
Kevin McHale is 34 years old.
Kevin McHale birth name is Kevin Michael McHale.
Kevin McHale was born in Plano.
The net worth of Kevin McHale is $14 Million.

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