Kenneth Copeland Age Wiki

Kenneth Copeland

85 Years
Full Name
Kenneth Max Copeland
Dec 6, 1936
Lubbock, Texas, U.S.

Kenneth Copeland Biography

An American televangelist and author associated with the charismatic movement, Kenneth Copeland has been identified as preaching the prosperity gospel. His organization, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, is based in Tarrant County, Texas. He calls for donations to his church, with the suggestion that parishioners will get a "hundredfold" return on their investment as part of his evangelism whereas he has stirred controversy over his use of donations to finance mansions, private jets, an airport, and other lavish purchases. Copeland gained national attention for his comments and actions in response to the outbreak during the pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020 though he repeatedly claimed that the pandemic had ended or would soon end, that he could heal followers of it. Before he converted to Christianity in 1962 Copeland was a recording artist and had a Top 40 hit with the single "Pledge of Love". As recent news, Copeland laughs at Biden's presidential election win whereas he shared a hearty laugh with his congregation about Joe Biden winning the presidency.

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