Kelly Dodd Age Wiki
48 Years
Full Name Kelly Dodd
Birthday Sep 26, 1975
Age 48 Years
Profession TV Personality
Nationality American
Height 5ft 8in

About Kelly Dodd

Kelly Dodd is an American reality television personality and businesswoman. She is best known for appearing in the Bravo reality series, The Real Housewives of Orange County. She has been one of the main cast of the series since its 11th season. She is a businesswoman and runs makeup as well as beverage companies. She

People Also Asked For

When was Kelly Dodd born?

Kelly Dodd was born on Sep 26, 1975.

How old is Kelly Dodd?

Kelly Dodd is 48 years old.

What is the birth name of Kelly Dodd?

Kelly Dodd birth name is Kelly Meza.

Where was Kelly Dodd born?

Kelly Dodd was born in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Who is the father of Kelly Dodd?

The father of Kelly Dodd is Frank Meza.

Who is the mother of Kelly Dodd?

The mother of Kelly Dodd is Bobbi Meza.

What is the color of Kelly Dodd's eye?

Kelly Dodd eye color is Brown.

What is the color of Kelly Dodd's hair?

Kelly Dodd hair color is Dark Brown.

What is the net worth of Kelly Dodd?

The net worth of Kelly Dodd is $10 Million.