Katie Stubblefield Age Wiki
0 Years
Full Name Katie Stubblefield
Birthday Jan 1, 1970
Age 0 Years
Profession Student
Nationality American

About Katie Stubblefield

Katie Stubblefield, a 22-year-old has become the youngest person ever to receive a face transplant in 31-hour operation who was heavily disfigured after she blasted herself with a hunting rifle in a horrific suicide attempt. She found out her boyfriend's text with another girl and tried to commit suicide in the year 2014 when she

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When was Katie Stubblefield born?

Katie Stubblefield was born on Jan 1, 1970.

How old is Katie Stubblefield?

Katie Stubblefield is 0 years old.

What is the birth name of Katie Stubblefield?

Katie Stubblefield birth name is Katie Stubblefield.

What is the net worth of Katie Stubblefield?

The net worth of Katie Stubblefield is Unknown.

What is the salary of Katie Stubblefield?

The salary of Katie Stubblefield is Unknown.