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Karina Pascucci

29 Years
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Karina Pascucci
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A popular social media personality, as well as, a stripper is named for Karina Pascucci. She has been a real-life story for the drama, "Hustlers" that Jennifer Lopez and co. brought recently in September 2019. The movie is based on Pascucci's and her friends, Maria Rosen and Roselyn Keo's real-life story. She is not a part of the movie but the movie is based on her real-life story which is a true story of three ladies in a town named Roselyn Keo, Karina Pascucci and Marsi Rosen. Roselyn Keo is enjoying to find herself at present. While, Karina and Marsi are trying to avoid it, while Samantha Barbash is trying to discredit the film. She inspired the character, Annabelle, played by Lili Reinhart while Mercedes, played by Keke Palmer is inspired by Marsi Rosen and the character of Rosie is that of Keo.

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Karina Pascucci was born on Jan 1, 1970.
Karina Pascucci is 29 years old.
Karina Pascucci birth name is Karina Pascucci.
Karina Pascucci was born in USA.

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