Karen Finney Age Wiki
55 Years
Full Name Karen Finney
Birthday Aug 15, 1967
Age 55 Years
Profession Political Pundit
Nationality American
Height 5 Feet 9 Inch

About Karen Finney

The very lovely and charming Karen Finney is a political commentator. At present, she is associated with MSNBC channel. She hosts Disrupt with Karen Finney for the network. Prior to assuming this role, she was also a former independent consultant who worked with political and corporate clients in the fields of political and communication strategy.

People Also Asked For

When was Karen Finney born?

Karen Finney was born on Aug 15, 1967.

How old is Karen Finney?

Karen Finney is 55 years old.

What is the birth name of Karen Finney?

Karen Finney birth name is Karen Finney.

Where was Karen Finney born?

Karen Finney was born in United States.

Who is the father of Karen Finney?

The father of Karen Finney is Jim Finney.

Who is the mother of Karen Finney?

The mother of Karen Finney is Mildred Lee.

What is the color of Karen Finney's hair?

Karen Finney hair color is Black.

What is the color of Karen Finney's eye?

Karen Finney eye color is Brown.

What is the net worth of Karen Finney?

The net worth of Karen Finney is $2 Million.

What is the salary of Karen Finney?

The salary of Karen Finney is $70K-100K per Annum.