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Julia Rose

28 Years
Full Name
Julia Rose
Dec 30, 1993
5 feet 10 inches

About Actress Julia Rose Biography

Julia Rose is a Zambian-American actress. She is also a Popular Instagram Model and a TV personality. She is also a founder and CEO of an online publication SHAGMAG TV in Youtube which features the pictures of the top Instagram models. The account has 225k+ subscribers. She has posted some outrageous videos of exposing herself in public places in the account. Julia’s Instagram id is its_juliarose. She has 3.2M+ followers. She usually posts mature content on her Instagram. Julia also has a Twitter account. Her Twitter id is @JuliaRose_33. She has more than 519.7k followers on Twitter. Julia Rose has been kicked out from the public places several times for her flashing' nudity.' Julia got forbidden from attending the MLB events for violating the fan code of conduct by exposing the body in the 2019 World Series between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros.

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Julia Rose was born on Dec 30, 1993.
Julia Rose is 28 years old.
Julia Rose birth name is Julia Rose.
Julia Rose was born in New Orleans.
The net worth of Julia Rose is $300 Thousand.

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