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Josh Donaldson

36 Years
Full Name
Josh Donaldson
Dec 8, 1985
1.85 m

About Baseball Player Josh Donaldson Biography

Joshua Adam Donaldson famed as Josh Donaldson is an American professional baseball third baseman. As of today, he is a free agent. Previously, he has played for the Oakland Athletics, Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland Indians, and Atlanta Braves. His bat position and throw position is right. He is firstly drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 2007 MLB Draft. He made his MLB debut for the Oakland Athletics on 30th April 2010. After being traded to the Blue Jays, he was voted the American League Most Valuable Player for the 2015 MLB season, the first Blue Jays player to be named MVP since George Bell won the award in 1987, and was named as a starter to the 2015 MLB All-Star Game, earning the most fan votes obtained by a player in the process. He was traded to the Indians in August 2018, and then signed as a free agent with the Braves in November 2018. Though Josh Donaldson remains a free agent, the third baseman completed a deal this week with his mother, Lisa French. He had previously agreed to buy his mom a Maserati if she quit smoking. After two years of French not smoking, Donaldson held up his end of the bargain this week. He posted her reaction to receiving the gift on Instagram, with the following caption: "So my mom made a deal with me if she quit smoking that I would buy her a Maserati. 2 years of not smoking and here is her early Christmas present from Briana and I. Trust me you are going to want to watch this."

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Josh Donaldson was born on Dec 8, 1985.
Josh Donaldson is 36 years old.
Josh Donaldson birth name is Joshua Adam Donaldson.
Josh Donaldson was born in Pensacola, Florida.
The net worth of Josh Donaldson is $43 Million.

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