Joseph Tsai Age Wiki
0 Years
Full Name Joseph Tsai
Birthday Jan 1, 1964
Age 0 Years
Profession Businessman
Nationality Taiwan-Canadian

About Joseph Tsai

Joseph C. Tsai is a Taiwanese-Canadian businessman and is the co-founder and executive vice-chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Limited. He was the only western-educated top executive at Alibaba then. Tsai owns 49% of the Brooklyn Nets National Basketball Association team. He ranks as the #147th Billionaire in the world and #8th in Hong Kong's 50

People Also Asked For

When was Joseph Tsai born?

Joseph Tsai was born on Jan 1, 1964.

How old is Joseph Tsai?

Joseph Tsai is 0 years old.

What is the birth name of Joseph Tsai?

Joseph Tsai birth name is Tsai Chung-hsin.

Where was Joseph Tsai born?

Joseph Tsai was born in Taipei.

What is the net worth of Joseph Tsai?

The net worth of Joseph Tsai is $9.4 billion USD.

Who is the father of Joseph Tsai?

The father of Joseph Tsai is Dr. Paul C. Tsai.

Who is the mother of Joseph Tsai?

The mother of Joseph Tsai is Ruby Tsai.