John Schnatter Age Wiki
62 Years
Full Name John Schnatter
Birthday Nov 23, 1961
Age 62 Years
Profession Business Celebrity
Nationality American
Height 1.78 m

About John Schnatter

John H. Schnatter is an American entrepreneur, founder, chairman, and CEO of the pizza company of Papa John's International, Inc. which is founded in the year 1984. He is Nicknamed commercially Papa John and is also known as Papa John's Pizza. He was succeeded as CEO by President and COO Steve Ritchie but remained chairman of the

People Also Asked For

When was John Schnatter born?

John Schnatter was born on Nov 23, 1961.

How old is John Schnatter?

John Schnatter is 62 years old.

What is the birth name of John Schnatter?

John Schnatter birth name is John H. Schnatter.

Where was John Schnatter born?

John Schnatter was born in Jeffersonville, IN.

What is the net worth of John Schnatter?

The net worth of John Schnatter is $1 Billion.

Who is the father of John Schnatter?

The father of John Schnatter is Robert Schnatter.

Who is the mother of John Schnatter?

The mother of John Schnatter is Mary Beth.