John Legend Age Wiki
44 Years
Full Name John Legend
Birthday Dec 28, 1978
Age 44 Years
Profession Singer
Nationality American
Height 5 Feet and 9 Inches

About John Legend

John Legend, byname of John Roger Stephens, American singer-songwriter and pianist who achieved success in the early 21st century with his fusion of R & B and soul music. He also was a sought-after session musician. He was the first African-American man to win all four major North American entertainment awards.Source: @johnlegendWhat is John Legend

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When was John Legend born?

John Legend was born on Dec 28, 1978.

How old is John Legend?

John Legend is 44 years old.

What is the birth name of John Legend?

John Legend birth name is John Roger Stephens.

Where was John Legend born?

John Legend was born in Springfield, Ohio, USA.

What is the color of John Legend's eye?

John Legend eye color is Dark Brown.

What is the color of John Legend's hair?

John Legend hair color is Black.

What is the net worth of John Legend?

The net worth of John Legend is $40 million.

Who is the father of John Legend?

The father of John Legend is Ronald Stephens.

Who is the mother of John Legend?

The mother of John Legend is Phyllis Stephens.