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John Corbett

61 Years
Full Name
John Corbett
May 9, 1961
6 ft 5 in or 195.5 cm

About Singer John Corbett Biography

An American actor and "Country music" singer, John Corbett is known for his roles as Chris Stevens on CBS' "Northern Exposure" and as "Aidan Shaw" on HBO's "Sex and the City". He made his acting debut in an episode of "The Wonder Years" in 1988. On 4th April 2006, he released a self-titled debut album, "John Corbett" which comprises 12 songs including "Bottle of Whiskey", "Good to Go", and "Revival". And in 1987, he made his theatrical film debut in an uncredited role in the movie "Someone to Watch Over Me". He has won the "Method Fest Independent Film Festival" award in 2006. He has also been a licensed hairstylist since 1986. He plays guitar and piano too.

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John Corbett was born on May 9, 1961.
John Corbett is 61 years old.
John Corbett birth name is John Joseph Corbett.
John Corbett was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, U.S.
The net worth of John Corbett is $9.5 million.

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