Johanna Konta Age Wiki
32 Years
Full Name Johanna Konta
Birthday May 17, 1991
Age 32 Years
Profession Tennis Player
Nationality Multi-nationality
Height 5 feet 11 inches

About Johanna Konta

There are a few people in the world who need very little introduction and international tennis star Johanna Konta certainly belongs to this select class. She originally represented her country of Australia but her allegiance swung to Great Britain since 2012. This switch in allegiance has proved to be very beneficial to Britain as Konta

People Also Asked For

When was Johanna Konta born?

Johanna Konta was born on May 17, 1991.

How old is Johanna Konta?

Johanna Konta is 32 years old.

What is the birth name of Johanna Konta?

Johanna Konta birth name is Johanna Konta.

Where was Johanna Konta born?

Johanna Konta was born in Sydney.

Who is the father of Johanna Konta?

The father of Johanna Konta is Gábor Konta.

Who is the mother of Johanna Konta?

The mother of Johanna Konta is Gabriella Konta.

What is the color of Johanna Konta's eye?

Johanna Konta eye color is Green.

What is the color of Johanna Konta's hair?

Johanna Konta hair color is Brown.

What is the net worth of Johanna Konta?

The net worth of Johanna Konta is $4 Million.

What is the salary of Johanna Konta?

The salary of Johanna Konta is $200,000 USD.