Jimmy Carr Age Wiki
50 Years
Full Name Jimmy Carr
Birthday Sep 15, 1972
Age 50 Years
Profession Comedian
Nationality British-Irish
Height 6 ft

About Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr is a British-Irish comedian, television presenter, writer, and actor. A winner of the British Comedy Award, he has been considered one of Britain's most popular stand-up comedians as well as one of the highest-earning comedians across the nation. In 2007, a poll on the Channel 4 website for 100 Greatest Stand-Ups, Jimmy Carr

People Also Asked For

When was Jimmy Carr born?

Jimmy Carr was born on Sep 15, 1972.

How old is Jimmy Carr?

Jimmy Carr is 50 years old.

What is the birth name of Jimmy Carr?

Jimmy Carr birth name is James Anthony Patrick Carr.

Where was Jimmy Carr born?

Jimmy Carr was born in Hounslow, London, England.

Who is the father of Jimmy Carr?

The father of Jimmy Carr is Patrick James "Jim" Carr.

Who is the mother of Jimmy Carr?

The mother of Jimmy Carr is Nora Mary.

What is the net worth of Jimmy Carr?

The net worth of Jimmy Carr is $35 million.

What is the salary of Jimmy Carr?

The salary of Jimmy Carr is $3 million per year.

What is the color of Jimmy Carr's hair?

Jimmy Carr hair color is black.

What is the color of Jimmy Carr's eye?

Jimmy Carr eye color is Light Brown.