Jim Jones Age Wiki
92 Years
Full Name Jim Jones
Birthday May 13, 1931
Age 92 Years
Profession Cult Leader
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 8 inches

About Jim Jones

Today, we will try to present you a very interesting topic and an area that is very interesting which will give you some new information. We will also present a very well-known person in western history.Today, we will talk about Jim Jones, a man who has left a great mark in America religion but also

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When was Jim Jones born?

Jim Jones was born on May 13, 1931.

How old is Jim Jones?

Jim Jones is 92 years old.

What is the birth name of Jim Jones?

Jim Jones birth name is James Warren Jones.

Where was Jim Jones born?

Jim Jones was born in Linn, Indiana.

Who is the father of Jim Jones?

The father of Jim Jones is James Jones.

Who is the mother of Jim Jones?

The mother of Jim Jones is Lynette Jones.

What is the net worth of Jim Jones?

The net worth of Jim Jones is Under Review.

What is the salary of Jim Jones?

The salary of Jim Jones is Under Review.