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Jeff Bridges

72 Years
Full Name
Jeffrey Leon Bridges
Dec 4, 1949
Los Angeles, California

Jeff Bridges Biography

Jeffrey Leon Bridges famed as Jeff Bridges is a famous actor, singer, producer as well as an author who is famous for his appearance on the TV series "Sea Hunt" (1958-1960) along with his father, Lloyd Bridges, and brother, Bea Bridges. During his career span, he has accumulated many awards including the Academy Award for Best Actor in the 2009 film "Crazy Heart". He has appeared in many movies and TV shows such as The Last Picture Show (1971), Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974), Starman (1984), The Contender (2000), True Grit (2010), Hell or High Water (2016), King Kong (1976), Tron (1982), Iron Man (2008), The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989), The Fisher King (1991), The Big Lebowski (1998), Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) and more. During the 2016 US Presidential Election, Jeff Bridges was a supporter of Hillary Clinton. He hosted Saturday Night Live in 1983 and 2010 and holds the record for the longest gap between two appearances as a host. As a singer, he has released his self-titled debut album which included songs like "Maybe I Missed the Point", "Blue Car", "What a Little Bit of Love Can Do", "Everything But Love", and "Falling Short". Also, it was ranked at number #2 on the US Billboard Top Folk Albums chart and at number #5 on the US Billboard Top Rock Albums chart. As an author, he has authored a book with Bernie Glassman called "The Dude and The Zenmaster" which was published in November 2012. He got a new puppy named Monty in late 2020.

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