Jack Nicklaus Age Wiki
83 Years
Full Name Jack Nicklaus
Birthday Jan 21, 1940
Age 83 Years
Profession Golfer
Nationality American
Height 1.78 m (5 feet and 10 inches )

About Jack Nicklaus

Jack William Nicklaus, professionally known as Jack Nicklaus is an American retired professional golfer. He is also nicknamed as The Golden Bear. He is considered the greatest golfer of all time. He won a record 18 major championships during a span of more than 25 professional years. He has the third most PGA Tour victories

People Also Asked For

When was Jack Nicklaus born?

Jack Nicklaus was born on Jan 21, 1940.

How old is Jack Nicklaus?

Jack Nicklaus is 83 years old.

What is the birth name of Jack Nicklaus?

Jack Nicklaus birth name is Jack William Nicklaus.

Where was Jack Nicklaus born?

Jack Nicklaus was born in Columbus, Ohio , United States.

Who is the father of Jack Nicklaus?

The father of Jack Nicklaus is Charlie Nicklaus.

Who is the mother of Jack Nicklaus?

The mother of Jack Nicklaus is Helen Nicklaus.

What is the net worth of Jack Nicklaus?

The net worth of Jack Nicklaus is $320 million (estimated).