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Holly H

25 Years
Full Name
Holly H
Oct 17, 1996
1.52 m

About Social Media Influencer Holly H Biography

Holly H is a famous British social-media star (Instagram Influencer, YouTube Content Creator, TikTok Star). She is widely recognized as a 'Viner' and 'YouTuber'. She has been a prominent part of a television series and also has been elected for the 2018 ‘Teen Choice Award’. She is very active on social media. She has a Facebook page where she has more than 12k followers, above 881k cohorts on Instagram and 22.9k cohorts on Twitter. She has more than 329.1 Million likes on TikTok. She is also active on YouTube and has above 281,684 subscribers. She posted her very first video titled "Holly H Vine Compilation" on 21st October 2015 whereas her recent video is "Surprising a Fan at the Airport" on 9th November 2019.

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Holly H was born on Oct 17, 1996.
Holly H is 25 years old.
Holly H birth name is Holly Horne.
Holly H was born in Guernsey.
The net worth of Holly H is $5 Million.

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