Hana Kimura Age Wiki

Hana Kimura

24 Years
Full Name
Hana Kimura
Sep 3, 1997
5 feet 5 inches

About Wrestler Hana Kimura Biography

A Japanese female professional wrestler was named for Hana Kimura. She wrestled for the women's professional wrestling promotion World Wonder Ring Stardom. A second-generation wrestler, she was the daughter of former professional wrestler Kyoko Kimura. She debuted for Wrestle-1 on 30th March 2016, against classmate Reika Saiki in a losing effort. She captured her first title, the JWP Junior Championship, by defeating Yako Fujigasaki in a tournament final. She joined Terrace House in September 2019, appearing on the show until her death which later became a big hit when it was picked up by Netflix. Filming had been suspended due to coronavirus. She died at the age of 22, after posting images of self-harm and a suicide note on social media.

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Hana Kimura was born on Sep 3, 1997.
Hana Kimura is 24 years old.
Hana Kimura birth name is Hana Kimura.
Hana Kimura was born in Yokohama, Japan.
The net worth of Hana Kimura is Under Review.

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