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Grant Imahara

51 Years
Full Name
Grant Imahara
Oct 23, 1970
1.69 m

About Actor Grant Imahara Biography

An American electrical engineer, roboticist, and television host who was best recognized for his work on the Discovery Channel series "Mythbusters" was named for Grant Imahara. He was also best known as a Reality Star. Grant was the creator behind developing a range of robots for the popular show, 'MythBusters', in which he designed and built numerous robots that were needed for the show and specialized in operating the various computers and electronics that were utilized to test myths. He starred in the Netflix series ''White Rabbit Project'' which was released on 9th December 2016. Grant has also worked for Lucasfilm, where he was an official operator of R2-D2, the famous robot from Star Wars. His work has been displayed in lots of feature films as a model maker. Recently, Grant Imahara dies at 49 on 13th July 2020.

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Grant Imahara was born on Oct 23, 1970.
Grant Imahara is 51 years old.
Grant Imahara birth name is Grant Masaru Imahara.
Grant Imahara was born in Los Angeles, California.
The net worth of Grant Imahara is $3 Million.

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