Ginger Zee Age Wiki
42 Years
Full Name Ginger Zee
Birthday Jan 13, 1981
Age 42 Years
Profession Journalist
Nationality American
Height 5 ft 7 inches

About Ginger Zee

An amazing and a glamorous diva of American television world, Ginger Renee Colonomos professionally known as “Ginger Zee” is an illustrious American TV persona. Ginger Zee is the chief meteorologist for ABC News and is best recognized for her work experience as a meteorologist for the television shows like ‘Good Morning America’ and ‘ABC World News

People Also Asked For

When was Ginger Zee born?

Ginger Zee was born on Jan 13, 1981.

How old is Ginger Zee?

Ginger Zee is 42 years old.

What is the birth name of Ginger Zee?

Ginger Zee birth name is Ginger Renee Colonomos.

What is the color of Ginger Zee's hair?

Ginger Zee hair color is Dark Brown.

Where was Ginger Zee born?

Ginger Zee was born in Orange, California, U.S..

What is the net worth of Ginger Zee?

The net worth of Ginger Zee is $400 thousand dollars.

What is the salary of Ginger Zee?

The salary of Ginger Zee is $100 thousand.