Fred Hoiberg Age Wiki
50 Years
Full Name Fred Hoiberg
Birthday Oct 15, 1972
Age 50 Years
Profession Coach
Nationality American
Height 1.93 m

About Fred Hoiberg

An American professional basketball coach, as well as a former player, is named as Fredrick Kristian Hoiberg. He is popularly named as Fred Hoiberg. Recently, he served as the head coach for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Also, he has served as the men's basketball head coach for Iowa State University

People Also Asked For

When was Fred Hoiberg born?

Fred Hoiberg was born on Oct 15, 1972.

How old is Fred Hoiberg?

Fred Hoiberg is 50 years old.

What is the birth name of Fred Hoiberg?

Fred Hoiberg birth name is Fredrick Kristian Hoiberg.

Where was Fred Hoiberg born?

Fred Hoiberg was born in Lincoln, Nebraska.

What is the net worth of Fred Hoiberg?

The net worth of Fred Hoiberg is $9 Million.

Who is the father of Fred Hoiberg?

The father of Fred Hoiberg is Eric Hoiberg.

Who is the mother of Fred Hoiberg?

The mother of Fred Hoiberg is Karen Hoiberg.