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Fran Lebowitz

71 Years
Full Name
Frances Ann Lebowitz
Oct 27, 1950
Actress, Writer, Author
Morriston, New Jersey

Fran Lebowitz Biography

An American author, public speaker, and occasional actor, Frances Ann Lebowitz is better known as Fran Lebowitz. He is well recognized for her sardonic social commentary on American life as filtered through her New York City sensibilities. Previously, she worked at a Carvel ice-cream store. She was forced to leave high school and was subsequently hired by artist Andy Warhol to work as a columnist for Interview. As well, she worked as a cleaning lady, chauffeur, taxi driver, and pornography writer. She played the role of Judge Janice Goldberg on the popular television drama, "Law & Order". Furthermore, she has also appeared in a couple of movies like "The Wolf of Wall Street". She is also known for essay collections such as "Metropolitan Life", "Social Studies", and "The Fran Lebowitz Reader". Her other works include Progress and Exterior Signs of Wealth. She was featured in the Martin Scorsese documentary, "Public Speaking". She celebrated her 70th birthday as of 2020 and will next celebrate her 71st birthday as of 27th October 2021.

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