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Fat Joe

51 Years
Full Name
Fat Joe
Aug 19, 1970
5 ft 10 in

About Meteorologist Fat Joe Biography

Fat Joe is an American rapper and actor from the Bronx, New York. He is one of the well-celebrated American Rapper. He is also considered as a Businessman. He is the CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment. He is also sometimes described as Rapper known for his Notorious activities like stealing, Bullying, etc. He is among one of the Rappers with having a heavy bulky body and a weight gain problem. His wife's name is Lorena Cartagena who is a beautiful and hot model from the United States.

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Fat Joe was born on Aug 19, 1970.
Fat Joe is 51 years old.
Fat Joe birth name is Joseph antonio Cartagena.
Fat Joe was born in South Bronx.
The net worth of Fat Joe is $5 Million.

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