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Fahim Saleh

35 Years
Full Name
Fahim Saleh
Dec 12, 1986
1.75 m

About Founder of Gokada and Pathao Fahim Saleh Biography

"Fahim Saleh" was the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gokda Rides Ltd, which is a motorcycle ride-hailing company. He was a Bangladeshi American entrepreneur and computer programmer who founded Gokada and Pathao. Whereas, Pathao is also popular in Bangladesh and Nepal. Fahim created his first company while he was still in high school. Fahim was also a founding partner of Adventure Capital, a Manhattan-based venture capital firm. He was also an active investor in emerging markets, investing first in Colombia's largest motorcycle ride-sharing company-Picap, which is recently valued at $15 million. Saleh taught himself to program at a young age and created a variety of online projects such as a website for his family, a teenage social platform, and a prank dial service. He had more than 2K followers in the Twitter account and had more than 2K followers on Facebook account. Recently, he was found dead on 13th July 2020 in New York City, the USA. Hussain M Elius, who co-founded Pathao with Saleh, told Bangladesh's Daily Star newspaper: "Fahim believed in the potential for technology to transform lives in Bangladesh and beyond.

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Fahim Saleh was born on Dec 12, 1986.
Fahim Saleh is 35 years old.
Fahim Saleh birth name is Fahim Saleh.
Fahim Saleh was born in Bangladesh.
The net worth of Fahim Saleh is $150 Million.

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