Erykah Badu Age Wiki
52 Years
Full Name Erykah Badu
Birthday Feb 26, 1971
Age 52 Years
Profession Singer

About Erykah Badu

Erica Abi Wright, popularly known as Erykah Badu is an American singer and songwriter. She started her career in 1994 and released her first album, Baduizm in 1997. Today, she is referred to as the queen of neo-soul. She has won a total of 16 Awards from 59 nominations till date. She has appeared in

People Also Asked For

When was Erykah Badu born?

Erykah Badu was born on Feb 26, 1971.

How old is Erykah Badu?

Erykah Badu is 52 years old.

What is the birth name of Erykah Badu?

Erykah Badu birth name is Erica Abi Wright.