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Eric Bruneau

39 Years
Full Name
Eric Bruneau
Apr 21, 1983

About Actor Eric Bruneau Biography

Eric Bruneau, Canadian born actor is one of the most sought-after, well-rounded actors of his generation, shining on stage, on the big screen and the small screen. He is the richest and successful actor. He has been listed as one of the famous people in the entertainment industry and listed along with people born on April 21, 1983, one of the precious listed in Actor List.

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Eric Bruneau was born on Apr 21, 1983.
Eric Bruneau is 39 years old.
Eric Bruneau birth name is Eric Bruneau.
Eric Bruneau was born in Siant-Jean-Sur-Richelieu in Quebec.
The net worth of Eric Bruneau is $ 5 Million.

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