Ellie Thumann Age Wiki
22 Years
Full Name Ellie Thumann
Birthday Oct 29, 2001
Age 22 Years
Profession Youtube Star
Nationality American
Height 5’10.5″

About Ellie Thumann

Famous American Model, as well as YouTube Star, is popularly recognized as Ellie Thumann. She is also lifestyle content creator and best for her DIY, fashion. So far, her subscriber has reached more than 750,000. "Elliephants" is the nickname given by her fans. She is a big fan of Aspyn Ovard who is a Youtuber.

People Also Asked For

When was Ellie Thumann born?

Ellie Thumann was born on Oct 29, 2001.

How old is Ellie Thumann?

Ellie Thumann is 22 years old.

What is the birth name of Ellie Thumann?

Ellie Thumann birth name is Ellie Thumann.

Where was Ellie Thumann born?

Ellie Thumann was born in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

Who is the father of Ellie Thumann?

The father of Ellie Thumann is Amy Thumann.

What is the net worth of Ellie Thumann?

The net worth of Ellie Thumann is US$ 100-150 Thousand Approx.