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Dwayne Johnson

50 Years
Full Name
Dwayne Johnson
May 2, 1972
6 ft 5 in

About Actor Dwayne Johnson Biography

Dwayne Johnson is mostly known as "The Rock", a popular American Professional wrestler and actor. He is successful in both fields. Johnson was a professional wrestler for the World Wrestling Federation for eight years. Before entering wrestling he dreamed of a professional career in football but because of a number of injuries, he decided to pursue a professional career on wrestling. Later he began his acting career on television while wrestling. He has become one of the highest-paid and most successful actors in Hollywood. Dwayne Johnson 'HATED' Kevin Hart's Halloween costume; Jumanji: The Next Level star has an EPIC comeback.

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Dwayne Johnson was born on May 2, 1972.
Dwayne Johnson is 50 years old.
Dwayne Johnson birth name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson.
Dwayne Johnson was born in Hayward, California.
The net worth of Dwayne Johnson is $280 Million.

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