Don Shula Age Wiki
93 Years
Full Name Don Shula
Birthday Jan 4, 1930
Age 93 Years
Profession Football Head Coach
Nationality American
Height 5ft. 11inch.(1.80m)

About Don Shula

Don Shula was an American professional football coach and player, more specifically the winningest coach in National Football League(NFL) history ever. Shula was best known for being the longtime head coach of the "Miami Dolphins", leading them to 2 Super Bowl victories, including the only perfect season in NFL history in 1972. Shula was active as

People Also Asked For

When was Don Shula born?

Don Shula was born on Jan 4, 1930.

How old is Don Shula?

Don Shula is 93 years old.

What is the birth name of Don Shula?

Don Shula birth name is Donald Francis Shula.

Where was Don Shula born?

Don Shula was born in Grand River, Ohio.

Who is the father of Don Shula?

The father of Don Shula is Daniel Shula.

Who is the mother of Don Shula?

The mother of Don Shula is Mary Mille.

What is the net worth of Don Shula?

The net worth of Don Shula is $30 million.