Dax Shepard Age Wiki
48 Years
Full Name Dax Shepard
Birthday Jan 2, 1975
Age 48 Years
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Height 6 feet 3 inches

About Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard is an American Actor and is popular in the world for portraying his role in movies like ‘Employee of the Month’, ‘Without a Paddle’, and much more. He has also established himself as a Comedian, Writer, and Director. Let's look at his wiki, to get more information regarding his career, net worth, personal life.What

People Also Asked For

When was Dax Shepard born?

Dax Shepard was born on Jan 2, 1975.

How old is Dax Shepard?

Dax Shepard is 48 years old.

What is the birth name of Dax Shepard?

Dax Shepard birth name is Dax Randall Shepard.

Where was Dax Shepard born?

Dax Shepard was born in Highland Township, Oakland Country, Michigan.

What is the color of Dax Shepard's hair?

Dax Shepard hair color is Light Brown.

What is the color of Dax Shepard's eye?

Dax Shepard eye color is Blue.

What is the net worth of Dax Shepard?

The net worth of Dax Shepard is $ 15 million.

Who is the father of Dax Shepard?

The father of Dax Shepard is Dave Robert Shepard,Sr.

Who is the mother of Dax Shepard?

The mother of Dax Shepard is Laura LaBo.