Darius Rucker Age Wiki

Darius Rucker

56 Years
Full Name
Darius Carlos Rucker
May 13, 1966
Charleston, South Carolina, U.S

Darius Rucker Biography

An American singer and songwriter, Darius Rucker is best recognized as the lead singer of "Hootie & THe Blowfish" rock band who reinvented himself as a solo country singer in 2008. He has won Grammy awards for his work in both rock and country music genres. As a solo artist, He is best known for his hit "Wagon Wheel" off his album, True Believers. At one point in his childhood, nineteen members of his family were living under one three-bedroom roof. He helped form "Hootie & tHe Blowfish" in 1986. He released an R&B album titled "Back to then" in 2002 which peaked at 127th position on the US Billboard 200. After nearly a decade, he released tHe single "Wagon Wheel" which was also a huge success, becoming one of the best works of his career. It topped several charts and also won him the Grammy Award for "Best Country Solo Performance". Recently, Katy Perry recruited Darius Rucker for an intimate performance of "Only Love" at the 2020 American Music Awards on Sunday.

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