Daphne Zuniga Age Wiki
60 Years
Full Name Daphne Zuniga
Birthday Oct 28, 1962
Age 60 Years
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 8 inches

About Daphne Zuniga

Daphne Zuniga is an iconic American actress, best known for her top-notch acting prowess in movies and TV films. She made her big-screen debut in 1982 while appearing in The Dorm That Dripped Blood. Since then, the actress has continued to feature in dozens of movies to date. Some of her most popular movies include

People Also Asked For

When was Daphne Zuniga born?

Daphne Zuniga was born on Oct 28, 1962.

How old is Daphne Zuniga?

Daphne Zuniga is 60 years old.

What is the birth name of Daphne Zuniga?

Daphne Zuniga birth name is Daphne Eurydice Zuniga.

Where was Daphne Zuniga born?

Daphne Zuniga was born in Berkeley, California.

Who is the father of Daphne Zuniga?

The father of Daphne Zuniga is Agnes A. Zuniga.

Who is the mother of Daphne Zuniga?

The mother of Daphne Zuniga is Joaquin Alberto Zuñiga Mazariegos.

What is the color of Daphne Zuniga's hair?

Daphne Zuniga hair color is Dark Brown.

What is the color of Daphne Zuniga's eye?

Daphne Zuniga eye color is Grey.

What is the net worth of Daphne Zuniga?

The net worth of Daphne Zuniga is $3 Million.

What is the salary of Daphne Zuniga?

The salary of Daphne Zuniga is Under Review.