Chad Hiltz Age Wiki
52 Years
Full Name Chad Hiltz
Birthday Aug 13, 1971
Age 52 Years
Profession Car Artist
Nationality Australian

About Chad Hiltz

Chad Hiltz, basically known as “Bad Chad” is a Canadian TV Actor from Nova Scotia, Canada. He is famous for his new tv show “Bad Chad Customs” which aired on Discovery channel. He is also the owner of Green Goblin Customs.Famous ForHis TV show “Bad Chad Customs”.Custom  Car BuilderHow Did Chad Hiltz Make His Money?

People Also Asked For

When was Chad Hiltz born?

Chad Hiltz was born on Aug 13, 1971.

How old is Chad Hiltz?

Chad Hiltz is 52 years old.

What is the birth name of Chad Hiltz?

Chad Hiltz birth name is Chad Hiltz.

Where was Chad Hiltz born?

Chad Hiltz was born in Kingsport.

Who is the father of Chad Hiltz?

The father of Chad Hiltz is Doug Hiltz.

Who is the mother of Chad Hiltz?

The mother of Chad Hiltz is Patricia Hiltz.