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Carlin Sterritt

32 Years
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Carlin Sterritt
6 fet and 0.5 inches

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An Australian actor, Carlin Sterritt is auditioning for leading roles around the world. He is a Sydney-based model and budding actor with undeniable good looks. He has wrapped post-production pickups as the lead role in the Australian Feature Film "Out of the Woods" which was on course for international distribution late 2018. His career took a bright turn after a guest role appearance on NBC's pilot season of "CAMP" in 2013. Going forward to work on larger productions such as "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales", Australian TV series "The Strange Calls" and "Reef Doctors" and the retold story Australian Feature "Fatal Honeymoon". In addition, as recent news, Sterritt reveals he was originally in the running to be "The Bachelor" before being recruited for "The Bachelorette" with ex Angie Kent. Fresh from his split from "Bachelorette" girlfriend Angie Kent, Carlin Sterritt has revealed his reality TV dating experience could have taken a VERY different path. "He did it behind my back. I didn't ask him to do it," Carlin explained. He then added: "I got an audition for The Bachelor and from that process - and I didn't get The Bachelor - but I met with a lot of the casting directors and producers. They sort of got to know who I was." "So when The Bachelorette came to be, they pretty much gave me a call and said, 'Hey, did you want to just apply for this?' and I said, 'Sure!' ".

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Carlin Sterritt was born on Jan 1, 1970.
Carlin Sterritt is 32 years old.
Carlin Sterritt birth name is Carlin Sterritt.
Carlin Sterritt was born in Sydney, New South Wales.
The net worth of Carlin Sterritt is Under Review.

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