Bo Nix Age Wiki
23 Years
Full Name Bo Nix
Birthday Feb 5, 2000
Age 23 Years
Profession Footballer
Nationality American
Height 6ft. 2inch.(1.88m)

About Bo Nix

Bo Nix is an American football quarterback who currently plays for the Auburn Tigers. The son of the legendary player, Patrick Nix, Bo Nix is just on the right path of following his father's pathway of leading the team in the field. Bo Nix marked his name in the field after the match against Oregon

People Also Asked For

When was Bo Nix born?

Bo Nix was born on Feb 5, 2000.

How old is Bo Nix?

Bo Nix is 23 years old.

What is the birth name of Bo Nix?

Bo Nix birth name is Bo Nix.

Who is the father of Bo Nix?

The father of Bo Nix is Patrick Nix.

Who is the mother of Bo Nix?

The mother of Bo Nix is Krista Nix.

What is the color of Bo Nix's hair?

Bo Nix hair color is Blonde.

What is the color of Bo Nix's eye?

Bo Nix eye color is Blue.