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Benjamin Keough

29 Years
Full Name
Benjamin Keough
Oct 21, 1992
5 ft 11 in

About Actor Benjamin Keough Biography

An American actor as well as the son of singer-songwriter, Lisa Marie Presley, and the grandson of Elvis Presley was known for Benjamin Keough. As per sources, he rose to musical stardom in the year 2009 when he recorded his first album and signed a $5 million five-album deal with Universal. He made regular appearances at various events and concerts with his family members since he was a child. He appeared as himself in the documentary Elvis by the Presleys, in 2005, alongside his family members. He also appeared as a delivery guy in the short film Rod & Barry. Recently, Benjamin Keough died of an apparent suicide at the age of 27 at Calabasas, California. Whereas the reason for suicide is unknown at present.

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Benjamin Keough was born on Oct 21, 1992.
Benjamin Keough is 29 years old.
Benjamin Keough birth name is Benjamin Storm Keough.
Benjamin Keough was born in Florida.
The net worth of Benjamin Keough is $1 Million.

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