Avani Gregg Age Wiki

Avani Gregg

19 Years
Full Name
Avani Gregg
Nov 23, 2002
5 ft 1 in

About TikTok Star Avani Gregg Biography

Avani Gregg is an American Tik Tok star and social media personality. She is the recipient of Crowned Muser in Tik Tok and holds Style guru badge. She is a winner of the Shorty Award for Tik Toker of the Year in 2020. She is also a talented makeup artist and a level 10 gymnast. Her Instagram account is avani and has 8.6m followers. Her Tik Tok account is avani and has 18.8 million followers and 1.1 billion Likes. She is an upcoming actress too.

People Also Asked For

Avani Gregg was born on Nov 23, 2002.
Avani Gregg is 19 years old.
Avani Gregg birth name is Avani Gregg.
Avani Gregg was born in Brownsburg, Indiana, USA.
The net worth of Avani Gregg is $1 Million.

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