Ashley Ellerin Age Wiki

Ashley Ellerin

42 Years
Full Name
Ashley Ellerin
Fashion Designer
Los Alton

Ashley Ellerin Biography

One of the famous American Fashion Designing Student is named as Ashely Ellerin. Ashley Ellerin was a 22-year-old woman who was murdered in her home by “The Hollywood Ripper” AKA serial killer Michael Gargiulo. Ashley was originally from Los Altos, California and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion. She was also a part-time stripper from Los Atlon. She is best known as Ashton Kutcher's partner. Before, she worked in the Cheetah Club of Las Vegan. She was also a big face of social parties in the year of 2000. On 21st February 2001, she left this world. Ashley was neighbors with Michael Gargiulo and the two were friends. Gargiulo was able to become close with Ashley by acting as her air-conditioning repairman. Her friends became uncomfortable with Gargiulo and advised Ashley to stop hanging out with him as he seemed to be obsessed with her. He was spotted several times at her house when she wasn’t home and sitting in his car parked outside staring at her residence. Gargiulo is now on trial for her murder.

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