Arwa Damon Age Wiki
46 Years
Full Name Arwa Damon
Birthday Sep 19, 1977
Age 46 Years
Profession Journalist
Nationality American

About Arwa Damon

If you need to make a movie on a strong willed woman with a brain that matches her energy, Arwa Damon might be the name for you. Damon is an Arab-American, who is also a Senior International Correspondent for CNN based in Istanbul. She is also president and founder of INARA, a humanitarian organization which

People Also Asked For

When was Arwa Damon born?

Arwa Damon was born on Sep 19, 1977.

How old is Arwa Damon?

Arwa Damon is 46 years old.

What is the birth name of Arwa Damon?

Arwa Damon birth name is Arwa Damon.

Who is the father of Arwa Damon?

The father of Arwa Damon is George H. Damon.

Who is the mother of Arwa Damon?

The mother of Arwa Damon is Joumana.

What is the net worth of Arwa Damon?

The net worth of Arwa Damon is $3 Million.

What is the color of Arwa Damon's hair?

Arwa Damon hair color is Blonde.