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Arthur Gunn

22 Years
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Arthur Gunn

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Arthur Gunn is an aspiring Nepali Musician, Singer, and Songwriter. He is one of the Emerging young talented singers and an upcoming Artist. His original name is Dibesh Pokharel. Arthur Gunn is a stage-name of Dibesh Pokharel. He moved to the USA six years ago and has appeared in the American Idol audition round. He is the first Nepali native to appear in the American Idol platform. If you have watched the audition of Dibesh Pokharel in American Idol, Katy Perry asks the meaning of his name. In reply, he says it means “light”.

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Arthur Gunn was born on Jan 1, 1970.
Arthur Gunn is 22 years old.
Arthur Gunn birth name is Dibesh Pokharel.
Arthur Gunn was born in Kathmandu , Nepal.

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