Artem  Dzyuba Age Wiki
35 Years
Full Name Artem Dzyuba
Birthday Aug 22, 1988
Age 35 Years
Profession Footballer
Nationality Russian
Height 1.97 m

About Artem Dzyuba

Artyom Sergeyevich Dzyuba famed as Artem Dzyba is a Russian professional footballer who plays as a striker for the football club, Zenith is also known as Zenit Saint Petersburg and the Russian national football team. He began his career with Spartak Moscow, debuting in 2006 and making 166 appearances, and scoring 38 goals. Furthermore, he

People Also Asked For

When was Artem Dzyuba born?

Artem Dzyuba was born on Aug 22, 1988.

How old is Artem Dzyuba?

Artem Dzyuba is 35 years old.

What is the birth name of Artem Dzyuba?

Artem Dzyuba birth name is Artem Dzyuba.

Where was Artem Dzyuba born?

Artem Dzyuba was born in Moscow, Soviet Union.

What is the color of Artem Dzyuba's hair?

Artem Dzyuba hair color is Golden Brown.

What is the color of Artem Dzyuba's eye?

Artem Dzyuba eye color is Brown.

Who is the father of Artem Dzyuba?

The father of Artem Dzyuba is Sergei Dzyuba.

Who is the mother of Artem Dzyuba?

The mother of Artem Dzyuba is Svetlana Dzyuba.

What is the net worth of Artem Dzyuba?

The net worth of Artem Dzyuba is $7 Million.

What is the salary of Artem Dzyuba?

The salary of Artem Dzyuba is €3.2 million.