Ansu Fati Age Wiki
20 Years
Full Name Ansu Fati
Birthday Oct 31, 2002
Age 20 Years
Profession Footballer
Nationality Spanish
Height 1.72 m ( 5 feet and 8 inches )

About Ansu Fati

Anssumane Fati Vieira, professionally known as Ansu Fati is a Guinea-Bissau-born Spanish professional football player. He plays as a left-winger for the Spanish club Barcelona. He is one of the rising players in football and has already reflected his talent on the pitch with Barcelona. He has played his youth career in Herrera and Sevilla

People Also Asked For

When was Ansu Fati born?

Ansu Fati was born on Oct 31, 2002.

How old is Ansu Fati?

Ansu Fati is 20 years old.

What is the birth name of Ansu Fati?

Ansu Fati birth name is Anssuman Fati Vieira.

Where was Ansu Fati born?

Ansu Fati was born in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau.

Who is the father of Ansu Fati?

The father of Ansu Fati is Bori Fati.

Who is the mother of Ansu Fati?

The mother of Ansu Fati is Lurdes Fati.

What is the color of Ansu Fati's eye?

Ansu Fati eye color is Black.

What is the net worth of Ansu Fati?

The net worth of Ansu Fati is 5 Million Euro.

What is the salary of Ansu Fati?

The salary of Ansu Fati is 6210,000 pounds.

What is the color of Ansu Fati's hair?

Ansu Fati hair color is Black.