Andy Murray Age Wiki
36 Years
Full Name Andy Murray
Birthday May 15, 1987
Age 36 Years
Profession Tennis Player
Nationality British
Height 6 feet 3 inches

About Andy Murray

Andrew Barron Murray is a British professional tennis player from Scotland currently ranked No. 229 in men's singles as of 14 January 2019. He is Professionally Known as Andy Murray.  He represents Great Britain in his sporting activities and is a three-time Grand Slam tournament winner, two-time Olympic champion, Davis Cup champion, winner of the

People Also Asked For

When was Andy Murray born?

Andy Murray was born on May 15, 1987.

How old is Andy Murray?

Andy Murray is 36 years old.

What is the birth name of Andy Murray?

Andy Murray birth name is Andrew Barron Murray.

Where was Andy Murray born?

Andy Murray was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

Who is the father of Andy Murray?

The father of Andy Murray is Willian Murray.

Who is the mother of Andy Murray?

The mother of Andy Murray is Judy Murray.

What is the salary of Andy Murray?

The salary of Andy Murray is $15 Million (Annually).

What is the net worth of Andy Murray?

The net worth of Andy Murray is $85 Million.

What is the color of Andy Murray's hair?

Andy Murray hair color is Light Brown.

What is the color of Andy Murray's eye?

Andy Murray eye color is Hazel.