Andy Hui Age Wiki
55 Years
Full Name Andy Hui
Birthday Aug 12, 1967
Age 55 Years
Profession Singer
Nationality Hong Kong
Height 1.75m

About Andy Hui

Andy Hui Chi-on is a popular Hong Kong singer and actor. He is considered as one of the most successful singer, an accomplished actor and a better story writer in Hong Kong with an extensive list of Cantonese and Mandarin hits to his credit. He has been in news several times for his popularity in

People Also Asked For

When was Andy Hui born?

Andy Hui was born on Aug 12, 1967.

How old is Andy Hui?

Andy Hui is 55 years old.

What is the birth name of Andy Hui?

Andy Hui birth name is Andy Hui Chi-on.

Where was Andy Hui born?

Andy Hui was born in British Hong Kong.

Who is the father of Andy Hui?

The father of Andy Hui is Hui Ming-Kwan.

What is the net worth of Andy Hui?

The net worth of Andy Hui is $ 9 million (estimated).